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Our vision is to see playing useful game become part of the society and embedded as part of the culture in the future.  The dream has transform into few services like game-based training, boardgame cafe, giant game rental and a fun coworking space.


Our team


Founder, Mastermind

One of Effendy greatest personal transformations was to start FnD mindspot in 2010, relying only on his believe on the power of games and its application.  He pursue his dream to develop and promote a refreshingly new technology – Fun Technology.

From there, he created ReGame Framework – a modified version of gamification where he used his game centre to do his own R&D on how game affect and influence human behaviour.   Effendy has applied this ReGame Framework in workshop, teambuilding, events and organization.

Effendy graduated in actuarial science from Heriot-watt University, Edinburgh Scotland.  At the age of 32, he became the VP in Etiqa which made him the youngest VP in Maybank at the time. Under his sound leadership and core-driven values, he has lead the sports team of Etiqa to become number 1 from steadily on the bottom of the list. His radical ways to drive his team has always been looked up for during his tenure in corporate world.


He always believe in innovation. He believes to drive growth, corporation should be brave enough to be different, and be radical. He believe disruptive move will attract attention and come up as refreshing in the market. He don't believe in norms, thus he always come up with craziest idea on how to advance. The constituents that made him today, is the result of hundreds of books, games and vast experiences he accumulated during his corporate world.

He was a guest speaker on the subject of the power of games at INTENGAH, MITI, SIRIM and IMPACT.  Meet him today, and be amazed.


Partner in Crime

A great story wouldn't be known without a good storyteller.  And this is where Adilah coming round, to tell great stories about FnD mindspot.


A surging realization came to her when she observed there is a huge gap in the demand and supply in training industry in Malaysia.  Clients expect more, however, unique and refreshing approaches are getting scarce.


When she discovered FnD mindspot along with its radical and unique approach, she just knew she could bridge the gap exist in the market- the clients who are looking for a distinctive method of learning and interacting, and the one who could fulfil the needs of the clients.

With her passion in storytelling, along with years of experience as consultant and sales personnel in multinational consulting firm and training companies, she decided to devote herself in making FnD mindspot known as one of the best training provider in Malaysia, through her writings- as she has long believed so.


Come on board and be prepared- to be great together!


media appearance

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